Our Human Resources Policy

We value the opinions of our employees in our personnel policy and include them in the decision mechanism. Our company, which pursues a transparent and fair policy, offers our employees the opportunity to create added value for themselves and the Baştürk Cam family by revealing their own potential.

We contribute to people's high performance, development-oriented, strong and effective leadership in every field as per our corporate culture. We aim to create a happy, productive, successful and healthy workforce with high loyalty.

In line with this goal, we adapt and develop fair, transparent, and integrated practices by global human resources trends in 3 main headings to attract, develop and retain the most valuable talents.In this way, we aim to move towards becoming the preferred employer and becoming the best workplace. At Baştürk Cam, human resources adopt a management approach that works with all units with a strategic business partnership approach, continuously analyzes company and employee needs, creates value, and quickly adapts to changing conditions.
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Recruitment Process;
Personnel is employed within the criteria determined according to the characteristics of the departments.

General aptitude test for blue-collar
Competency-based interview and English level determination exam are conducted for white-collar
Performance and Career;
A goal-and-competency-based performance system is implemented.
Employees are given a performance bonus based on the rate at which they achieve their goals over certain periods.
Career planning is carried out according to the competence, performance, seniority, and training of each employee.

Selary System;
In our workplace, a tier system wage policy is applied according to the nature of the work done by our employees.
Individual performance also affects this system.

Selary scales;

  • From which university they graduated,
  • Foreign language level,
  • Experience in the glass sector.

Talent Pool;
A talent pool is created for employees with high competencies and performance, an appropriate career planning is carried out for these people.

Additional rights are also granted to individuals selected in the talent pool, in addition to existing personal rights.

Our Competencies;
Our competencies sought in both the recruitment process and career planning of our employees;

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Result Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Effective Communication
  • A sense of responsibility.

Recommendation and reward system;
New ideas produced by all our employees are rewarded by the award Commission according to the added value of the proposal.The owners of each viable project and proposal are rewarded both financially and spiritually.


When you are a member of the Basturk Cam family;

  • Thanks to the orientation program, which is at the starting point of our training activities, it has the opportunity to get to know our company and brand closely and get detailed information about our unit activities and current projects,                                                             
  • You can gain knowledge and skills in certain competency areas with personal development programs that we carry out with distinguished training and consultants,                         
  • You can gain new perspectives by participating in our conferences and interviews where we host well-known speakers,                                  
  • You can benefit from the fair and international education opportunities foreseen for your needs,             
  • You can increase your foreign language proficiency by using the Foreign Language Education Support process offered to our employees at certain levels for their needs.                         
  • You can get support to develop and update your theoretical and practical knowledge with the support we offer while participating in MBA, Master, and Doctorate programs.