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Baştürk Group has been continuing their production and other commercial activities with their 45 years of experience in different countries and industrial sectors.

Baştürk Group has established  Baştürk Cam Packaging production facility in Turkey in order to contribute to a sustainable and healthy life and to respond product demands in glass sector. 

In addition to producing jars and bottles from its portfolio, Baştürk Cam is able to quickly respond to the diverse demands of its business partners with the bespoke products.

Baştürk Cam glass packaging production facility with its state-of-the-art technology machinery, high energy efficient furnace and high automation system, has become one of the preferred glass packaging manufacturers in the world.

The principle of Baştürk Cam is to provide service at a quality standard above customer expectations for every stage from raw material purchase to product delivery. For this purpose, Baştürk Cam has established by the combination of experienced staff, well-equipped laboratories and advanced inspection machines that can select carefully every single product and pack them with high automation equipments.

Baştürk Cam will continue to be the growing prestigious glass partner with its dynamism, environmentally friendly production understanding, versatile team, and openness to innovation for its business partners.