We constantly optimize our production activities by prioritizing energy efficiency.

We carry out projects to increase recycling glass fracture collection and use.

Reducing carbon emissions using renewable energy sources is one of our main goals.

We prefer to use the raw material resources around us.We prefer the most environmentally friendly logistics solutions.

We value human resources. We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers with our highly satisfied employees.


Sustainability has been adopted as an integral part of our culture, which is young and fresh.
By adopting sustainability not only for the production process but also at all levels of our company, we attach importance to human resources.
We follow the training program that will develop future managers by determining career opportunities in our company structure. For the company's culture and accumulation to continue for generations, we constantly aim to increase employee satisfaction.


At every step of the process for sustainable production, adapting environmentally sensitive alternatives to the process is one of our priorities. By processing the raw material we borrow from nature, we return it to the use of humanity to protect its health. We protect nature with the efficiency and energy savings we get.

In order to increase the use of cullet glass, which is the keystone of sustainability in glass packaging production, we implement cullet glass recycling projects in our immediate environment.

We aim to increase the awareness of all our employees by adding cullet glass projects to our annual targets. By planning training for cullet glass recycling in schools and universities, we work in cooperation with the relevant authorities to ensure that cullet glass is collected cleanly from its.


We are aware of our responsibility to our planet and to future generations.
We are evaluating and implementing all alternatives to reduce our carbon footprint. By investing to be able to supply our raw materials from nearby locations, we are reducing our logistically sourced carbon footprint. We continue to seek alternative raw materials. We control all steps of our process to keep energy consumption at an optimal level.